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As Zuckerberg heads to Brussels, British lawmakers ask for answers

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British lawmakers want to FB with their European colleagues to quiz Facebook.O CEO Mark Zuckerberg over a scandal over improper use of million Facebook users ‘ data, as he witnesses in London.

Zuckerberg will be in Europe for the defence of the company after the alleged misuse of his data by Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting, working on U.S. President Donald Trump running for election.But while he answered questions from lawmakers in Brussels on Tuesday, and is meeting with the French President, Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, he has so far declined to answer questions from British lawmakers, either in person or via video-link.

Damian Collins, the Chairman of the British Parliament’s media committee, said on Tuesday that he believed, Zuckerberg should still be displayed before the British legislature.

“But if Mark Zuckerberg not to our address directly to ask questions, we ask colleagues in the European Parliament to help us, the answers – and in particular the one that knew what in the company, and if, through the violation of the data security and the non-transparent use of political advertising, which will continue to undermine our democracy,” he said in a statement.

Last month, Facebook Chief Technical Officer Mike Schroepfer appeared before the Collins’, Digital, culture, media and Sport Committee, which investigated fake messages.

But the legislators have said, his testimony and subsequent written responses from the company’s follow-up questions are inadequate.

Collins described defects in a Facebook reply, so far, in a letter to Rebecca Stimson, head of public policy at Facebook UK, together with EU legislators, who will quiz Zuckerberg. Collins called for a response from Facebook to his questions up to 4. June.