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Consumer Reports finds flaws in Tesla’s Model 3

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Musk, the shares of the electric-car manufacturer, had driven 4 percent higher with a weekend-twitter discussion, which showed that the company was aiming initially to provide more profit loaded Abel and more expensive full-editions of the model 3.

The car, which starts at the $35,000, it’s important to Tesla’s profitability, at a time when it is fighting, reports of accidents involving its vehicles, questions on the financing and loss of production. Musk said, the fully charged version, without his infamous autopilot function, the geverkauft retail at $78,000.

Consumer Reports, however, declined to recommend the model 3 and criticized it for overly long braking distances and difficult-to-use controls.

The magazine, the scorecard is influential among consumers and managers of the economy, said, although his tests many found, how about the model 3, and it was wonderful to drive, it would have “major shortcomings”.

Tesla s is stopping distance of 152 meters when braking at 60 km / h was tested a lot worse than any modern car of the magazine, and about seven feet longer than the braking distance of a Ford (F. N) F-150 full-size pickup.

Responding, a Tesla spokesman said: “the Tesla’s own Tests, the braking distance with an average of 133 feet, if the implementation of the 60-0 km / h for tyres with the 18” Michelin all season, and as low as 126 feet with all the tires that are currently available.

“Unlike other vehicles, Tesla is uniquely positioned to address corner cases in the course of time, through over-the-air software updates, and it always does, to improve factors such as braking distance.”

The Research firm Berenberg also gave Tesla a boost on Monday through its price target for shares to $500, $470 and argued that the company’s margin targets for the model 3 have now been reality and not just a hope.

The research house, the previous forecast was already the bull market on Wall Street, and more than $200 on the share price, which has fallen $100 from September is at its peak now.

Musk, whose refusal to answer analysts ‘ hurt to ask for a call this month, shares in the company, said in his weekend tweets, the Tesla had to die first, to focus on the provision of model 3s price higher than $35,000 as a basic model, or would it be “were”.

“The cost of all the options, rims, paint, etc. is included (apart from the auto-pilot). Cost is $78k. About the same as BMW M3 but 15 percent faster and with better handling. Everything is beat in its class on the track”, he tweeted.

“With Production, 1. You need to achieve to reach the target-rate & then smooth out the flow target, the cost. Shipping-min-cost-model 3 instant wd cause Tesla to lose money and die. Must have 3 to 6 months after the 5k/wk ship $35k Tesla & life added,” musk.

He gave no details about the parameters or the sources of the tests, which showed the lead of BMW and other cars, and the company did not immediately respond to questions about the statistics.

On Friday, the proxy Advisor Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) supports a shareholder proposal to separate musk, the current chairman and CEO roles, suggesting that the shareholders would be better served by musk, the focus on the management of the company..