EasyMarkets Review

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Easy markets is an online market maker-founded in the year 2003 under the brand name “easy-forex.”

In December 2015 it will be renamed, and it now offers dealers access to global markets with a wide choice of a simple trading account. Easy markets to its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, regulated by CySec and licensed in Europe through the MiFid Directive and in Australia by the ASIC. Easy markets and has offices in London, Warsaw, Shanghai and Sydney.

It has 1.5 trillion dollars in sales and over 100,000 active traders.


It is a standard trading account at easy markets and the minimum trade is only $100.

An Islamic account is available where traders extend their day-trading operations on the next day, and there is no rolling fee. The maximum duration offered for day-trading deals is limited (usually 1 month, but few even shorter or longer, depending on the traded currency).

It is a rolling cargo for the trading of currencies, depending on is is held, how long the trade. Because commodities and indices are traded as CFDs, you are a fixed expiration date, and not a rolling fee. But gold, silver, platinum and palladium are traded on spot transactions and roles, fees will be charged. There are no rolling fees on options.

The account holder has the option to 1:400 leverage, and when using the proprietary platform, which is a free lifetime demo account available. This is the first broker I have ever reviewed that offers this type of demo account.

In addition, a personal analyst available to all those who update their accounts in a VIP-account. This analyst is there to help the traders by providing them with the expert trading tips, 24/7 availability and over the phone trading skills.

Holder of a VIP account are also entitled to cash discounts and SMS notifications to the market movements.


The most notable feature of easy markets is the risk-free option trading that allows traders to cancel trades within 60 minutes, if you see that the market trend against you. Retailers need to engage only the risk-free option if you want your trade, and then you can decide to start the trade, or cancel if. This is a great opportunity for traders to protect the market itself, if the market makes an unexpected swing.

A vanilla option is a type of asset, a dealer that offered by many other brokers. Vanilla options differ from binary options in several ways: There is no limit on the amount of distributions made with vanilla options whereas there is with binary options. The decay data of vanilla options are flexible and can be adjusted by the trader. Binary options are typically in minutes or in fractions of minutes.

In addition, there is no obligation to execute at any time in the life of a vanilla option while the with binaries, traders have no claim, as soon as a contract has been closed.

Customers can trade all asset classes on a simple platform, and can select free loss guaranteed stop, free training, low fixed spreads and 24/5 multi-language support.


Easy markets is ahead of its time, to decide when it comes to promotions, and allows customers which reward you want to receive. At the time of this review, was the choice of a$25 welcome bonus, a tradable bonus up to 50%/$2000, on the Basis of the first Deposit, or a kind of Refer-a-Friend program where traders can earn up to $2,500 by bringing in new customers. Traders are able to share all the means of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, E-Mail and Blogs, the easy markets link.